YOUTUBE is the most democratic platform in the world of the internet …


Certainly, except for them, no one could say how many videos are uploaded to the platform YOUTUBE per second every day, but what I can say is that whenever the standards set by the address are respected, it is the most democratic platform and beneficial there ever existed in the world of the internet.


YouTube is a website that allows users to upload, download, view and share videos.

Founded in February 2005 by three former employees of PayPal: (Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Karim Jaweb), the online payment company belonging to the eBay group. Immediately, the young company attracted the interest of investors and the venture capital firm Sequoira.

It all began with a party. The Chad Hurley and Steve Chen in February 2005. His video farra was too long to email it to your friends.

Of frustration the idea emerged: a very large site where anyone could send and watch any video. That was in 2005; Today 65,000 new videos a day are hung.

YouTube is easy to use and also free. To view videos or send them to others is not necessary to register, although to place them on the page.

YouTube also serves as a promotional showcase.

Proof of this is the pilot episode of the series Nobody’s watching, which was canceled by NBC before its release. Eighteen months later the pilot appeared on YouTube and received 300,000 visits in 15 days. Now the dispute several chains, including NBC

The technology used by the site is Flash Macromedia (now part of Adobe), but users will not have to engage in their creations to convert this format. YouTube servers take care of that in the process of «rise» (unpload) Video.

The formats in which the video is sent are: MPEG, AVI, MOV and those used by video cameras and integrated cameras in mobile phones.

Another practical aspect of YouTube is the possibility of inserting a movie on an external website to their servers, although the file physically resides in them.

That allows bloggers and creators of video websites have embedded in your pages.

YouTube hosts a variety of video clips from movies and TV shows, music videos and home videos (despite rules against uploading videos to YouTube copyright, this material exists in abundance). And in this sense, YouTube has already had some legal run-ins with producers and television networks.

The short history of YouTube has the highest exponential growth in memory.

Chad Hurley paid with his credit card the first bill for the broadband connection needed to launch its online video site. Since then, demand has been so explosive (100 million monthly visits) that the cost of infrastructure has risen to two million dollars per month.

This expenditure could not continue for long, unless a way to finance it with advertising revenue was found. This is where Google comes into scene, who buys the October 10, 2006 YouTube by 1,650 million dollars.

Reportedly, YouTube will retain its independence from the Google video service.

The American singer Justin Kimberlake discovers a young talent thanks to YouTube.

The singer announced on June 6, 2007 that it has hired the Dutch singer Esmée Denters 18 years, which he saw on the Internet portal YouTube and will be his first signing of his new record company «tennman records».


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