GROW in Dominican Republic possible yuca over big of the world


VILLA GONZÁLEZ, RD.- A holder of a businessman cassava plantations in Villa Gonzalez extracted a plant containing more than 300 pounds.

Cassava about 310 pounds was taken at the estate of businessman Roberto Almonte, in the area of Palmar Abajo, Villa González.

The cassava plant is Zenon Improved and has seeded 30 months, according to the businessman Roberto Almonte; he understands that representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records must certify it as they never have seen anything like this.

The farmer showed some concern that measures the days pass cassava lose weight.

Dozens of people have also been surprised by the huge cassava which takes several days off the ground.

Almonte stressed that the plant is still in the area where it was taken, as they dug for some time to remove it and left her there to be certified.

“I never thought it was so huge,” said Almonte to talk to THE CARIBBEAN.

This could well be a Guinness record cassava or be among the largest that have been cultivated in the world.


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