Constanza, the Swiss of the Caribbean; The Constanza´s Pizza…

Gastronomy has become one of the main attractions when choosing a destination. Constance, the municipality of La Vega better known as the ‘ Switzerland of the Caribbean ‘, is an example of this. Located about 1,250 meters above sea level, it exhorts visitors to enjoy a unique gastronomic tourism.

The color, texture and flavor of its vegetables give shape to its culinary proposals, which complement with carrizal meat, goat or rabbit presented in the oven, hoe or stew.

Strawberry-based desserts and juices, each with a story to tell and a restaurant that strengthens them. To enrich its cuisine, the Constanza gastronomic movement, supported by authorities and institutions of that municipality, signed an agreement with the Dominican Flavors Foundation, in which they committed to work for the strengthening and positioning of that Locality as a gastronomic tourist destination. Based on the study ‘ diagnosis and activities of gastronomy and gastronomic tourism of Dominican Republic Horizonte 2016-2020 ‘, developed by the doctor in sustainable gastronomy, Antonio Montecinos, in which it segments the country in five regions Gastronomic, placing Constance in the first place.

Its gastronomy is diverse, delicious and colorful, you can taste in various dishes. A single day is not enough to enjoy all that offers this gastronomic paradise, as it has outstanding restaurants and dining rooms, such as the famous Doña Luisa dining room, Aguas Blancas, my Moncarlos house, on the verge of snow, among others, that fills with flavor all the Palates. Source. Naiomis Tejeda. Santo Domingo.




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