LEONEL «digging his grave» if you support Danilo …

leonelBy Alexandrovich Encarnación Sánchez -ARTICULISTA-.

More than most of us know very well how Leonel Fernandez politically active. More than most of us know what Leonel Fernandez said Niccolo Machiavelli in his masterpiece The Prince, which bring here, to support what we say.

«The prince who with his forces supporting another prince, digs his own grave, because then, these same forces would be used by the prince benefited against his benefactor» Machiavelli said.

That said, what we mean is that, seeing how they were used ruses not so holy against Leonel Fernandez to keep him out today PLD candidate for the next elections, it is logical to think that deep wounds left by this situation and is may, winning re-election of Danilo Medina on 15 may in the next 4 years of management, the next step would be to «snatch» the party Leonel and that is where we say that former President Fernandez would be digging its own grave to support a triumph of Medina.


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