The smallest beach in the world is … in Spain


Gulpiyuri, on the coast of Asturias, is just 50 meters long and runs out of sand at high tide. There is a beach that can hardly carry umbrella. There is also no showers or bar. Mainly because there is no room for gear and swimmers cohabit in the sand.

Is Gulpiyuri Beach, the smallest beach in the world, located in the Asturian coast, between Llanes and Ribadesella. Moreover, this small line of sand that is not even 50 meters in length has another peculiarity: it is an inland beach.

Natural Monument, Gulpiyuri was formed by the erosive effect of the sea on the rock, producing caverns beneath the ground that when they sink, are called sinkholes.

And this is precisely this Asturian beach, a sinkhole where seawater seeps inside through a hole between two rocks.

Although access to it is quite easy, I find it not so much. Only you can walk from the beach of San Antolin or from the village of Naves, and this isolation has been what has allowed the preservation of Gulpiyuri. Nor would it be possible massification of the beach at high tide because their ability is almost zero, reaching to touch the grass when the sea is brave. In addition, the depth and size of the water area does not allow more than soak lying, enjoying the waves coming from the Bay of Biscay.FUENTEABCVIAJAR


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