DONALD TRUMP «has its double» in Spain; a woman…

We all have our partners, doubles or twin souls and the president of the United States, Donald Trump, is no exception. In Spain, a peasant named Dolores Leis is the one who could be the partner or double of President Trump. Listen more.

She is dedicated to agriculture in Spain and he presides over the most powerful country in the world, but many wonder if they are family because of their great similarity.

A photo of a woman with a hoe on her shoulder named Dolores Leis and who lives in Galicia, is sweeping social networks where people say she bears a strong resemblance to US President Donald Trump.

Such has been the stir that some Spanish media have even published headlines such as «Does Donald Trump have a Galician cousin?» And «Donald Trump ‘works’ the field in Galicia.»

Surely this photo of «a woman with the face of Donald Trump dressed in an apron, with a shoulder bag and placed in Galicia» has already reached WhatsApp people, said La Voz de Galicia.

«It is the image that is sweeping social networks during the last hours. The fact is that Donald Trump is not incognito of visit in Galicia, because the protagonist of the photography is called Dolores Leis and lives in Nantón, «he explained.

Dolores Leis, the Galician peasant who is triumphing in social networks because of her resemblance to Donald Trump, in the photo published by @ lavozdegalicia:

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When Leis was asked about his alleged relationship with Trump, he denied it and said that the resemblance «will be due to the color of his hair,» according to the newspaper ABC of Spain.

The image taken by the Spanish journalist Paula Vázquez from La Voz de Galicia was initially published on the reporter’s Instagram.

But it was the publication of a Twitter user identified as Paco Mariño that viralized the snapshot. It was «who found and gave the more than reasonable resemblance to Donald Trump. And from there, the jump to WhatsApp, from chat to chat, from group to group.

Mariño is «guilty that the image of Dolores spread more than 4,000 times in the form of a retuit» with the message «Donald Trump is incognito in Costa da Morte, more specifically in Nantón, in Cabana de Bergantiños. peasant officer with the sacho in his hand, «said Faro de Vigo.

A Leis seems not to bother the impact that his photography has had on the media and social networks. She does not even have a cell phone and what she has seen has been through the computers of her daughters, who joke with her saying that she is going to become famous, according to ABC.

Twitter users have posted comments like «Dolores Leis and Donald Trump separated at birth,» «Do not call me Donald Trump, call me Dolores Leis,» and on Instagram people say «Make America Great Again !,» in reference to the campaign slogan election of the American president and «Trump has a twin!» (Trump has a twin).



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